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Monday, September 10, 2007

paul to philemon

How clever was Paul when writing to Philemon. That small NT story. How clever he was to draw him in stating what was true, Philemon was true, he was strong, he worked with the people for the good of the church and spreading the good news.
Then, and only then, did he call on the best in him to do what was right. Then, and only then, did he call out of Philemon the knowledge that since he follows Jesus he would know how to respond to Paul. Clever and even more than clever it was calling his best .

That is our work these days isn't it. To call out of one another the best we can be. To call out of those who are going down the wrong road that essence of God in them. Namaste as they say in India, I salute the God in you. I call out the God in you to do what is right. Hi -- just isn't the same.

I knew of a woman who decided to change her name to another since the second name called out of her the best she could be after she had done some great soul searching. So when her name was spoken --she tried to bring the best in herself.

What calls out in you your vest best. ?
Remind yourself of that name, or word. Perhaps what is the name by which you were baptized.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
aka Barbara Bane Giltz McGarey



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