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Saturday, March 03, 2007

too much information

There seems to be a limitless amount of information that can be read, gathered, saved, understood, processed when you are on the internet. One thing leads to another and you find yourself reading about a subject that is several degrees apart from where you started.

When we flew to India the last time we had a 16 hour flight across the Pacific. You have a little tv screen on the seat ahead of you, headphones, and a selection of movies that seemingly would take you 16 hours to watch. There were language lessons and there were video games. (Alas the controller was not very good and it became quickly frustrating.) We all had books, paper, and ... well enough to distract us you would think.

I re-read a Jane Austin novel and was happy to see it turned out the same as it had the times I've read it before. Ah..Mr Darcy.
There was time for visiting with family and of course the airlines fed you through the trip.
Oh, and of course, sleeping. The sleeping however was for those who could somehow find a point of comfort. To be honest I envied others of my family as they seemed to rest more than I could.
I did finally find that if I put on the eye shades, the head phones with no sound, then I could be in a 'space' where I could consider some of the things which I don't often have time to contemplate. I prayed for the varied concerns of those near me and those whose troubles are hardly a rumor. I prayed for the world's peace process to be stepped up. I prayed for all the things that rested on my heart. One memory I met made me laugh out loud. Luckily my seat-mate was sound asleep.
What do we do with our time? Do we spend it or save it? Do we apply it to the good of the world?
Do we surf the web of the world around us moving so quickly from one issue to another in a random fashion.
Or do we stop? Stop now and then and make room in our hearts for the world? What if we set a clock and for 15 minutes every day we would concentrate on one thing alone...a word or an image? How might that change our lives and the lives of those around us? sigh...let's try.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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