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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


NEW YORK - An eBay bidder on Saturday paid a record $1.27 million for what experts say is the world's most valuable baseball card of Hall of Fame shortstop John Peter Wagner. This is from the news.
Then there is this report
• HUD study finds 745,000 homeless on a single night in January 2005
• Nearly half the people in shelters were adult men; a quarter were children
• 24 percent of adults living in shelters were disabled
Whew. I mean really? Is it possible? What could this mean? How do we explain to folks we know that this amount was spent on a baseball card. I don't care what part of a holy grail it is seen to be. Contrast that with the 745 thousand homeless. Oh my.

How do I explain to people I know in India that we sell baseball cards for this much in a country where there are hungry people? In a world where there are hungry people... But then again we by big rocks to put into our yards for decoration. Buy rocks.

What are we thinking? Seriously ... each of us in our own way needs to rethink how we spend what we have. What are we thinking?

I've got to go and put some shoes I don't often wear in a bag for the Good Will. What else can I take?

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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