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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wild Wind Wild Words

Mr Krusi would ask us where the wind comes from and where does it go? He was over 100 years old and we'd spend time with he and his wife. She would ask me, Why did God take our youngest son--I miss him so? The son had died 40 years ago. There are questions that have no answer that will satisfy. These questions I believe are universal.
Last Summer in our travels I would talk with the women who were often off to the side of the discussions on theology. I asked them, What is your heart's deepest desire? They would often pause. I would wait and ask if they wanted me to rephrase that question and then would try and ask something they could completely understand. They were often touched that I asked. Their answers were often the same. Many said, rest, their children to be well and happy, their families to have enough to live on so they didn't worry about their finances. If I asked them what would they want for themselves personally they would hesitate and have to think even longer. This was not a question that obviously was present on their minds.
I asked one young woman who had translated for me during a worship service and held her hand as I asked. She teared up and said. I want to finish Seminary and be married. I asked where she was in school and she had one more year. Then I said, and the married part, is there someone special or do you just generally just want to get married. She grinned and almost blushed and said... oh yes we have started making plans.
These were women in different cultures in different parts of the world. But they were first women. The wild wind of the spirit seemed to be the same.
Alas, I see pictures of women and children in refugee camps, hungry children clinging to their mother's hungry bodies. Their questions are different. Would that wind of the Spirit would allow us all to hold the same heart and desire. Would that the spirit of peace would blow as the wild wind ...from wherever it comes from and to wherever it goes.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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