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Monday, February 12, 2007

Use Words

Molly ---
See right there, I have a problem. Molly is many things, She is my daughter by marriage to my son, she is daughter in law, she is.. just this wonderful person, so I will just call her My Molly...

My Molly teaches 4th grade. She is a great teacher. I've observed her at work and see how the children respond. They do so with respect not with intimidation. She works hard with them and they are wonderful. When in her class two of them have a problem she suggests to them that they go out into the hall and discuss it. They have learned to articulate is going on between them, name it, and then discuss it with the other person. Wow!

Why don't nations do such things together? Perhaps it is the environment of equality that My Molly creates that helps this happen. Perhaps it is that all feel valued and no one has to prove something over the other. I don't kow but it sounds in this world of ours that we need another way ... what if a group of nations, all of them, had one place they could meet face to face and honestly work on their concerns. There is such a place. Let's get to it before our world needs more than to go outside and talk one to another.

Use your words to communicate. We will all be better for it.

God abide!
Bobbie G McGarey


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