Awakening a Keen Observer

Monday, October 30, 2006


On the way home tonight there was a beautiful sunset. Like those over the ocean or mountains it captured my attention. And on a telephone pole the most beautiful owl sitting there caught my eye as well. As I looked at the owl again in the rear-view mirror I had the owl's silouette and the sunset---my oh my what beauty.

I also heard a news report that John Calvin had something to do with the coming of "the Watch" . Apparently because he told the jewelers in his Reformation time that they could not make jewelry because it was, well, fancy. But they could work creating watches. So the Swiss artists did this and so began that trade. I didn't know that watching and watches would remind me of Calvin, but now they do.

We watch for signs in our seeming chaotic world telling us that things will calm down. It seems that many times we are 'wrestling with an angel for a blessing', as did Jacob on his return to his brother. (Genesis 32:24) We have things that happen in our lives, or to dear ones, that make no sense to us. We want to have some idea that there is a plan in the randomness we feel in our lives. We want to have some idea that there will be an answer to questions about suffering in our world and the world around us...sometime.

God gives us the sunset and sunrise. The stars are flung in the heavens with beauty and wonder. The seasons change. The days grow shorter and will again grow longer. And so, we wait.
We watch for that sign that says, It will be alright.
As a sophomore in college my roommates and I had a particulary hard quarter. We were studying on the top floor of the dorm because it was quiet there. For some reason Chrissy looked out the window and shouted! There, in the navy-blue-stormy sky, was the most perfect rainbow I have ever seen. Its colors were so distinct it was as if they were bands of beautiful yarn that had been strung in the sky. We could see an almost complete arch so we went to another window and could see it fully. And we looked without words for fifteen minutes. We looked at one another and said, "It will be alright."
And it was.
And it is

Watch for the sign, it is there for you.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Today we set our clocks to 'regular' time. We were supposed to get an extra hour of sleep? I put a ? there because if that is true it seems like I missed it.


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