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Friday, November 03, 2006

where we are

This NASA photo of the earth looks like we are seeing North America. I think it even shows the center part of North America, where we are. See.... right there... the bottom of TX and then north to Oklahoma? Ok it is a little distant as you can see the edges of our world.
At Edith Bowen school in Utah, and I'm sure in other places, they had a map of the US drawn on the playground. It was huge. We would go there and play a game of trying to find a state once it had been called out. You would run and stand in the state. It gave some perspective one to another.

And it is perspective we get when we see the earth as a globe and when we sort our lives in terms of the whole world. We sort our lives in terms of our family, or community, or friends, or .... But we might want to consider sorting lives in terms of many many others. What our lives can do to bring good, a greater good, all around. There are a lot of possibilites in that. How would anyone have time to be bored?

Perhaps it is human to sort ourselves into tribes or families or communities. Perhaps it is the human desire to find those who understand us or who are like us (or just plain like us) or into those with whom we share similar experience in life.

We read all kinds of stories about folks who have experienced a trauma together being drawn together in an unexpected way because of the 'group fear'.
Would that we were more often drawn together in group joy. Like the opportunity to vote, or those who have food on their tables in abundance, or those who bring peace and laughter in the world. You figure out the grouping that would make a difference to you.

There was a 60's song... "Come on people now, smile on each other, we've got to get together and love one another right now."

It is scriptural you know. Jesus said, love one another, pray for your enemies, and go the extra mile, and.... well you get the idea.
The earth and all that is on it is to be loved. Blessings today in that effort.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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