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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Michael Damish

Once when I was in college two couples went to a concert. On the way back to school the only place open to eat was like a Dennys. We went in and there were only about 7 people there. When the waitress came over I jokingly said to the other guy, Oh I love you work and even though we've been friends for some time could I have your autograph. He said Oh sure, took a napkin and wrote Best Wishes always ---and signed it with a flurry. Michael Damish. We ordered and watched the waitress tell the others that ...Michael Damish was at that table. We had fun eating our dessert and left. He left a good tip and we went out. She waved and said it was good to meet you.

What is it about people who are famous? In a world where we claim that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Creator we hold some people to be more famous than others. Really it is as if some deserve more... But it is honesty and respect that we all deserve not special service or care ...

Michael Damish...not my friend's real name... is the name I think of when people are acting above others. As if they should get special treatment.

Treat everyone you meet with the same respect you would treat the person you respect the most. See if it changes your world.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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