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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A glass of Water

Pour yourself a glass of water.
Today there was a solar eclipse. You couldn't see it from Oklahoma but apparently there wee lots of people looking at it. There are places where life is in an eclipse. Somalia, Ethiopia and other countries where there are so many children who are in a threatened position with hunger. I can only imagine the pain of a parent having to watch a child die of hunger. The people watching the animals dying and then the earth cracking like it has never seen water in the drought. It is so hard to see them but we should watch. Watch because these are indeed our sisters and brothers our children our world.
The eclipse comes when the moon gets between the sun and the earth. Somehow we need to be an eclipse between the people and this frightening hunger. Water for drinking is being saved as it dips off the back of a truck so that none is lost.
In the midst of a tragedy, like the horrible sunami last year, we seem to find a way to give out of our bounty but all too often it takes something as tragic as a huge wave to get our attention. What can we do? These people for no fault of their own have for 10 years have had little rain and this year none. It is a crisis because there is on second place to turn. The people were herders but without water/no grass/ nothing to do. They have lived this way for 100's of years. So what is next for them?
Pour yourself
another glass and drink deeply and pray that you will find a way for you to give to these needs. To reach out as God's hands to those who are most in need. Wherever they are.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Keep in prayer those who need most to be protected from greed.


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