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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Once a friend of mine was visiting in Niger and someone came up to her and said...What song do you sing when someone dies?
It was not a morbid question. It was an inquiry into what was the normal way one would mourn a loss. Do we have songs that we individually sing at certain times? Do we have music for our lives? Like in the movies when there is background music for different moods or people each time things happen or certain people appear.
Our children once had a great recording of Peter and the Wolf which is an orchestra piece with each character having their own song. What would be your theme song? What song would you want to have sung as you walked into a room? What would be your song you sing as you walk along and others see you coming? Would it be calm or jazzy? Would it be a song that is big and bold or would it be one that put people at ease?
I think we all have songs that travel with us. Music of our spirits that plays in our lives. The kind of music or presence that makes us people that others welcome into their day, into their lives is what we look to be --most of us. Now I know people who think that when they hear the hymn "How great Thou Art." is is a song about themselves.

Let's be the people who set others to singing. Let's be the people who set others to being the ones that make the world sings. The ones who live our lives surrounded by the voices of the creations.

Let us sing... sing till the power of the love comes down.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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