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Monday, January 02, 2006

Campaign Slogan

In the '60's when I was in High School in Columbus, Ohio, one of my friends was running for his class presidency in another school. We had met at camp as Junior Counselors, you know that kind of time when you get to know people on a real deep level and then when you get back to the 'real' world you put on the masks you had before left at the gate of the camp. Well think is name was Feldon. He came to the Youth Group one time, and not being one of 'the In" crowd didn't know if he had a chance to really win. They had people printing posters for them through their parent's companies, they were giving away treats to the other students with their names on them.
Feldon made five signs or so and put them up in the hallways. They said, God is Love, Vote for ...
Everyone thought it was kind of a joke but I seem to remember that when it came time for the 'speeches' he said, I just want you to know that I believe what I wrote on those signs. I think if we treat one another more kindly we will all be happier and it will be a great school. He said let's think about that in the last 6 minutes of the time I have allotted. He sat down with a big smile on his face.
What about that remains with you? it remains to be seen if in fact that is true. I think it is. His speech really touches the whole world we live in even now...some time later... if we were to treat one another kindly we will all be happier. What would that look like in your life? or in your world? or where you live? or where you work? or where you shop? or in your church? or....____________ ? (fill in the blank)

Well it's still the new year season. In the church we wait for the Epiphany, when the Kings come...
and maybe if we think of Feldon we'll all feel better and more kindly, and the whole word will be happier.
Really! You can do this! Not a word that isn't kindly.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Post script He won


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