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Monday, December 26, 2005


Grace and Peace
It has been a relaxing morning here at the McGarey house. That's nice. We had a good breakfast together and the John and Johnny have gone out to the guitar stores in the area. Molly and I are taking it even more gently into the day. Sigh.
We do rush around a lot in our world don't we? I mean we do seem to go from one thing to another with something else on our list right after another after another... And we finish one thing and make another list.
I am not saying, mind you, that we shouldn't have plans. But in our lives it is nice just to "Be" sometimes. We don't do that well as a society. Because if you are not 'doing' are you doing what you should?
We rush Christmas. We don't have twelve days to open one or two presents in that time, we make it through, hurry up, get it done. We don't even mark the days between Christmas and Epiphany, when the wise ones appeared, we get the tree down and start thinking about the next thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see Valentines in the stores next week.
Breath of God. We don't have time for a breath of God.
Perhaps in this Christmas-tide time we should take time to breathe. To be present to one another. To write notes to people who are important to us, to be together.
There is a story in our family that I think was about Grandpa Taylor who was making a trek in the India mountains and those who were carrying the load for them stopped one day and said, " we are going to fast we need to rest so our souls can catch up to our bodies. "
So let it be.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey



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