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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Grace and Peace
Here in the US we sometimes have a place in our kitchens where we measure the kids and how they are growing each year. The problem is so many of us move and we leave those marks behind. I wish for my childrens sake we'd have placed a tall piece of paper on the wall and marked on it as the years passed and then we could have taken it with us. My goodness how some years they grew so many inches. And how quickly the outgrew mom and our son his dad.
We sometimes get to places where we need to mark time. I like candles that are natural and burn down so that time passing is shown. We had a long dinner the other night and watched the candles burn down as we talked and laughed and ate together. It was such fun.
Sometimes I think that we need to mark time in particular and important ways because we too often wonder, "Where did the time go?"
And it does change and move on. Our son is 27 today...on the 27th. What a good year for him. I pray for wonderful things. He has brought such delight all along and continues to do so. My Molly, his wife, is as sweet a delight and they seem to be so happy together and learning and loving and it is fun to watch them mature.
Time was once marked by the moon and the length of days. Not by 'atomic' clocks that keep time to the second. We just knew that two moons ago....
What a wonderful world we live in! Full of grace and peace.
How do you measure time? In laughs, in tears, in joys?
May this year be marked with good time.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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