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Saturday, December 31, 2005


Grace and Joy
It is either the last of...or beginning of... I choose to say it is the beginning of a new year. And so what has been, has been, and what will be, will be..with God's help.
We look at the New Year almost at the end of it's day. It will begin about 11am tomorrow 'over-there' and here we wait for another time to mark the time.
But if we all stand with our feet on the same seems like the day should be the same here and there. Who decided this time difference anyway?
I suppose it was the Sun that comes up in some places hours before others..but really it is the same earth and the same sun and we are all together in this world.
We touch the same earth and 'hold up' the same sky. We become those who are enlivened by our breath or who are wondering and figuring all the time what if...
There only IS and we live in that time of Now and do things that make the next now a little better...not just for us..but for everyone and everything around us.
"What can we see on the horizon?" so sings the song at the end of Return of the King by Tolken.

Good Good Good
God abides and happy new year.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
@2005 for a little longer.


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