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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

When 'Just Because' isn't enough

Years ago we knew a young man who really wrestled with his faith. There was never one answer to a question about faith, Jesus, the Bible stories, the Bible itself, how and why we did everything we did in the church. He was completely faithful about his wrestelings. He went to an adult class and really troubled the people. The literature they used to guide them only raised many questions for him, which he asked. One of the members of the class complained, "He asks so many questions we can't finish one lesson!:" I asked him what was their basic goal in this class? He said it was one which had said it was one where people could think together about matters of faith. I asked how that description of the class and this young man's questions were different. The class member paused and said.... there is no difference... and he walked away. The Young Man came into the office a few weeks later and said it was obvious to him his questions puzzled people. So he came to talk to us more.
He was baptized because after all his wresteling he did come to see God's grace and love at work in his life and brining him joy and strength. His 'affirmation' 'profession of his faith in Jesus as his own Savior was amazing.
He died about three weeks after this profession from a chronic disease... Resting in the arms of God.

How do we so easily say yes when someone says...Believe this... be it a politician or a religious leader? If we cannot wrestle with the consequences of our actions or of a rule of law are we putting aside our own good God given wisdom. If God only wanted one person to have brains to make decisions then the rest of us would be mindless wonders. There would have been a species of rulers not a planet packed with children of God, created in God's image.

As many have said before, John Williams at Austin College for one, God gave us brains and expects us to use them.

have a good day
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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