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Monday, March 07, 2005

Perpetua and Felicity

Perpetua and Felicity

"and be not offended because of our passion"
Two very faithful Christian women whose passion for God was complete. They were willing to do whatever it took to remain committed to their faith.

deep breath

Would anyone ever been offended because of my passion for the Gospel? Have I ever been so bold that I could offend someone with how much Jesus means in my life, and how that changes all I see?

I pass the gambling casinos everyday filled with people losing money, and I am offended. Do i say anything? Do I speak about in where others will hear? Am I willing to offend others calling them to the lives they turn around and claim to live and to give and yet throw away a month's worth of food for children. There are other ways we spend discretionary money. makeup, coffee, sodapop, ....fill in your own.....

What do I say and when? How do I find the forum? Many questions. answeres unknown. but I do know that God has planted this in my heart and perhaps gives us all the opportunity to be passionate. Will I do that when I am interviewed on Wednesday for a newspaper article? I don't know. I pray so.

let somehow the passion I have for God spill out with all I do. This lenten journey and reflection is wonderfully troubling. It has made me consider who I am now. Who I want to be. AND even more importantly who God plans for me to be now.
Unafraid I move ahead. step by step...

God abides
There's work to be done!
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

I'm going to see if i can find the text that perpetua and felicity wrote that frightened Augustine...


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