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Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday Wonder

It was an outstandingly beautiful day today. The sun was warm, the air was fresh, and the birds sang calling in the spring, I hope that it will keep being spring.
When I was a little girl my parents and I would go to a city park called Blendon woods in Columbus, Ohio. I used to run the path through the woods and knew each path and where it lead. You were supposed to stay on the path so that the woods stayed much more protected.
One Sunday afternoon we went walking when it was still cold. We had boots and coats on and it was great. We walked along the usual path but heard a noise that was new to us. It was a cracking sound that we couldn't figure out. the trees weren't covered with ice though that is what it sounded like, we couldn't see but we followed along and the sound got louder. We finally thought it was near the little stream, we followed it and it was answered...the mystery of the sound.

It was the coming of SPRING... It was Spring breaking over and around the ice on the stream, it was water moving over it, it was water breaking the ice melting it and making it water too. It was water that changed the whole day from Winter to Spring.

The Water that runs over the ice is like God's love that waters over us and melts our hearts of stone.
We become so completely overwhelmed with the chaos of the world, we don't see the Spring.
it's come, breaking through the winter of our life... to Spring for us all.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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