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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Life Caption

One of our older tv's coraked over christmas and they told us it wasn't reasonable to repair it. So we bought a new one. Now I won't go through ALL the details but somehow the controller ended up with Betsy in tulsa because we had one that worked with this tv here. But lo and even behold, when regular tv is on there are the captionings at the bottom. Allll the time. Part of that is interesting because what they say and what they put up for captions are not always the same...And sometimes they are behind it.
It is interesting to me that we have in part begun to read TV. But it is always interesting to muse about what our life snapshots would be like if someone else were writing them. she is when she was 12 months old walking on her first birthday.
Snap she is a kid and camper at church camp scared by stories of the 'one armed brakeman' she is in school... in school...still in school... and still still in school....
Snap... here she is meeting John ...and life changing...

Ok ok I hear you say you're 57 I haven't got time for the next 30 years even if they do include Johnny, Betsy, Molly, Ordination, (more school) and then ...snap

What pictures of our lives does God have in God's heart... of your life? of all our lives? shared... shared... shared...
Because that is what Jesus' snaps would look like..

God bless you as we enter Holy week.

God abide...there's work to be done.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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