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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Something Beautiful for God

Today is my mother's birthday. Elizabeth McLendon Bane Giltz. She was born in 1915 in Timmonsville S.C. Her parents were Theo and Fuller Bane. She lived until she was 80.

You who have felt loss of someone close to you know what that feeling is like. We all describe it differently. But there are similar feelings of everything being ok and then it is as if something knocks you down out of the blue...and you find yourself saddened again.

What if we marked not the day of our loved one's passing but their Birthday with as much joy as we mark Christmas? Ok, I am not saying our loved ones are equal to the Savior of the World...but they share both Jesus' humanity and a place in the heat of God.

We go all out for Jesus' birthday and then sigh and say we are glad that's over. We should realize that the birth of Jesus is the START of something bigger than us all. It is the start of the world knowing that God abides. That God isn't out there 'watching us' but in the midst of it all. In our joys in our warm homes and our left-overs and in the refugee camps where thousands have nothing but nothing and are thankful for a handful of rice and a plastic sheet over their heads and perhaps a blanket... but it is.

Let's celebrate all out Jesus' birthday this year as we sing the songs and give the presents and love one another fully. Let's celebrate it the rest of the year as we work for justice and fairness and honesty and honor and protecting those Jesus most called to be protected, the children, the widows, the orphans, the hungry the poor, the hurting, the lonely.... All of those Jesus loved and taught us to see... It could change the world. That up springing of God's love.

Let us not let ONE single day pass without "doing something beatuiful for God'....(Mother Teresa said that). So Go out there right now... well when it gets light and do something beautiful for God with your life...

God abides
oh and Happy Birthday Jesus.... Happy happy joy joy
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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