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Saturday, November 20, 2004

my team won

Ok so that means that someone else's team didn't win. But it made me happy. I mean there were some sweet passes and good plays.
But where did we learn that what brings happiness or satisfaction is winning...
When do we really win?

What does success look like...I guess that's another way of looking at it... I mean really... Isn't that so. We look at the world in a way that makes us know that we are indeed the ones who are 'the best'... We're number one...

But then, it doesn't take much to let us know... Ah ha... we really aren't...

but then... how do we measure our lives? Perhaps I've been thinking about that a lot recently for no particular reason. But we all want to live lives of significance. We all want to live lives that matter... I think so..

There are people who don't want to share their lives. Who don't want to give of themselves for or to others on some personal level. These folk make me sad. Because they miss the risk of loving and all it means.

I look up at a picture above the computer....It is of Aunt Belle. Our great aunt who was a medical missionary in India... She, like so many others who gave (who GIVE) their lives away for what they believe in... are the ones who are truly successful. Not suffering, and not sacrifice that was required, but a life lived to the fullness of time... in the fullness of joy... in all things.

Find a way in these days as we approach Christ the King Sunday and then Advent that you can give something of your self... in prayer, in giving, in love...

You will be the richer for it in every measure....
every measure that counts.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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