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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Shooting star

Last night was to be a comet shower and as I was driving home I saw one really really bright one shoot down from the sky toward the eastern horizon. I hoped that was just the beginning but with my timing that is the only one I saw.
But you know you are supposed to wish upon a star. I confess I did. But then I imagined that what if you did have one wish...something that would bring you the best joy what would that be?
I think sometimes it would be hearing the voices of someone I love who has gone on, or sharing a meal or laugh with them. Then I think it would be something like world peace. ...or the health or recovery of someone I've been praying for... so many things come to mind.
But I suppose when one makes a wish like that the next job is not to just sit back and let it happen but to make it come true. No I can't talk to my parents again, but I can be present for someone who needs that kind of support. I can't have a meal with them, but I can share my bounty with someone who is lonely. I can't laugh with them, but I can share a joke to make someone else laugh..and pass it on.
What is your hearts deepest wish? Peace, hope, assurance of good things? What is it that brings your heart to smile?
It is yours already in faith.
The sun will return, the days will lengthen, the Light of the World shines through you.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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