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Monday, November 22, 2004


My family would often travel from Columbus Ohio to Illinois to visit my Aunt and Uncle for Thanksgiving. My cousins and I had a grand time together. Jan and Martha and I would laugh and giggle until we were almost out of control. When we would try and 'settle down girls' at night it was so hard. We would try and then the giggling would start again. Finally one of the moms would come in and say...If you don't quiet down we'll have to separate you. OH NO! We'd find some way to stop...or at least to giggle quieter. Years later when we are together we still laugh...and giggle together.
Both of our Mothers are gone now. It is at times like this we miss them so deeply. That is not unusual for any family.
My Dad loved the way Aunt Dot (Dorothy) cooked pies. She did have the knack for making the best pie crusts for pumpkin and apple pies. She'd keep them on the porch where it was cool and as he'd walk into their house he would often begin saying YUMBO! And they knew Maurice had arrived. It was such fun. I wish I could be with Frank, the only one of the parents who is still here to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I am most thankful for these memories and for all I learned from my parents and Aunts and Uncles..
These memories of my whole family together, as many people's memories are brought out on holidays, can nurture us far beyond their present experience.
I hope that your Thanksgiving week makes new memories of good things in your life.
I'll be writing this week but just start out thinking about some good time..and ways you can pass that good feeling on as you go about your days..

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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