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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas music

Last night Jay Leno made some great joke, though I don't think I remember exactly that some houses with all the lights miss the meaning of Christmas. Remember he said God only used one star.
Sometimes I think we do the same thing. We use too many things and lights and packages and everything and miss the one thing that is important about Christmas. I know that in some families, like it or not, they go around the table on Thanksgiving saying what they are thankful for... Well shouldn't we consider going around the table, and say how in the past year knowing Jesus has made a difference in our lives.
And it does. When you are a Christian you see the world through the lens of the faith we have in Jesus Christ. We don't have to have multi-million dollar movies to do that. This lens we have of the world through Christian eyes is one that sees need, injustice, sadness, joy, hope, peace, and all else the human being experiences. Where in the midst of any of those things in our our lives did we understand Jesus' presence.
Deep sigh.
Perhaps the all to familiar Christmas music drone in stores and everywhere can remind us of the presence of Jesus and be thankful and realize he can redeem even gross commercialism.
But maybe like too many lights making things gaudy and one light just right...One song can live in our hearts, one hymn, carol, Silent Night, or Joy to the World, or Angels we have heard on high...
Pick One... let it be the music in your heart this Christmas....
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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