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Friday, November 12, 2004

Ever flowing Stream

Where do you go to find peace? If even in your memory?

In my mind's eye that water flows from a rock on a hillside in southern Ohio. I can see the area down in the bottom of a place called Rock Stalls. It is a sacred holy place... where the borders are thin.

Sometime in ancient time the first people would go there when it got cold and live for part of the hardest winters because it was somehow protected from the coldest cold. They would put their horses there in the 'stalls' for their protection as well. The anthropologist tells us so.

Not a large group wintered there. It was the perfect place because there is always water. A spring feeds the area and the water 'is' 'was' good. So you could stay. Protected.

There are foot and hand holds carved into the rock...on the ledge that leads you out...ancient...

It is beautiful in my mind. I have no way of knowing what it really looks like today. But it is always there.

Even in just thinking of this place for me there is peace.

Do you have such a place? Even now? here, I'll lend you mine.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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