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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hungry hearts

The Presbyterian church website has a link to their Spirituality Newsletter that is always wonderful. This one "Fall 2004" has article about deepening our roots. It is well worth reading.
The cover though is a scene that looks familiar. I think because it looks like the rolling hills of southern Ohio. Really beautiful. And it also is one of those quiet places.
The Sky East of where I live was lighted tonight with lightening and thunder. It was a long way away and that means it must be a hum dinger of a system. But it looked anything but quiet.
The world affords us all we need of energy and quiet. Of calm and major storm....of water and drought. All these contrasts are part of the world where we live. There are places where people are just thick, living so close to each other. And there are many places where the numbers are so much thinner.
Many ways makes for many contrasts.
There are about many ways to come to that quiet. There are ways of prayer, walking, sitting still, a little of both. There is total silence and there is singing. Our Presbyterian spirituality is often thought of to be 'in the head' not in the heart. We use reason sometimes to cloud our vision. What should we use? Trust, hope, love, and the knowledge of the abiding love of God for each of us.
However you come to that quiet place... Come!
Be where you can hear and be heard.
Listen and find that kind of spirituality that speaks to your soul and know that we Presbyterians have ways to get there as well...
And as John's now often quoted song says..."Oh we all go together or we don't go at all."
Here we Go!!!! al-to-gether
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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