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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

God's amusing plan

I am in Chicago, IL working on my D.Min at McCormick Theological school. My class is wonderful as are my classmates. We work hard, but it is great interaction. We aren't easy on one another, but it is fun.

But today for the first time, for several reasons, we went to Chapel. It was a great service. We were introduced. As I looked at the bulletin I saw a name that looked familiar, , Irene Pak and thought...I know that name... then I said to myself...nooo i just think I know everyone. The beautiful young woman got up to lead the liturgy. I thought...We'll I'd sure be proud if I knew here...mmmmmmm? she does look familiar. But ....

After the service she came up to me and I told her what a great job she had done. . She said I think I know you... I said well I thought the same of you. She asked if in 1995 I'd been an advisor who took a group of kids to the presbyterian youth triennium from Utah. She was one of the kids! Oh my goodness. And now look she is a 2nd year Seminary student! Yeah God!

What a treat. We had a delightful dinner together tonight. I am still awake it was so refreshing for me. She is a great woman and I am so happy that some day I'll know even if I'm not working there are these wonderful women in ministry coming along. SarahD, AmyS, and IreneP!

Friends, what you do today, makes a difference-- in today and tomorrow...and tomorrow... your thoughts and energies, words and deeds, are like the seeds that fall to the ground and spring up where and when you least expect it.

God abides..this I know for certain

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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