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Sunday, October 10, 2004


I am heading to Chicago to McCormick theological seminary. I should have access to the net so I hope to continue to keep in touch.
I pass an abandoned school or church on the way out to the Parish. I watched the school building go from full standing, to leaning, now just a heap of wood. Collapsed.
what went on there? I am sure someone could tell me but I like to imagine sometimes that it was a school house on the edge of the prairie. That children came every day from far away to learn lessons, to write on slate tablets, to read and do math. Who were these children? Where are they now?
i imainge that on the weekend it was turned into the church or gathering place. Many of my Parish churches are 100 years old though the buildings are not... but I can see groups of folks gathered there. Probably no denominational competition, just folks who loved Jesus or who wanted to hear the storiess.
So different from Chicago.
There are more people in the airport than there are in two counties where the parish churches are.

So, as you look out wherever you are, be grateful for those things that stand, for churches, schools, homes. realize that you are blessed.

god abide
bobbie giltz mcgarey


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