Awakening a Keen Observer

Saturday, October 02, 2004


I was once at a college retreat and the breakfast room was filled with loud voices, talking laughing. I stood on a chair and got everyone's attention, could we have a moment of silence please... and i poured milk on my Rice Crispy cereal and we all listened. Then we heard it, snap-crackle-pop. I said thank you and everyone laughed and went back to their conversation.

Later that day one of the other leaders had everyone, about 60 of us, rub our hands together, we did suddenly we began to hear clearly that sound. It could change depending on what part of your hand you rubbed together: just fingers, over the palm, fingers and palm. It was unlike any other sound and the more we listened the louder it seemed. Some fast sounds some slowly moving. The more we all got the idea the more it sounded like something in the wind. He thanked everyone and we stopped.

On a crisp morning, when there is silence all around us we find ways for our hearts to listen.
The odd chirp of a bird, the wind in the trees, the lawnmower at a distance, and then ...

What do we hear? We hear what we are attuned to hearing.
If I hadn't stopped all the other conversations we would not have heard the snap-crackle-pop. We needed to filter out all the other things that were distracting.

What do we do? All too often our lives are filled with so much, we don't 'hear' a Crisp morning...or the snap crackle pop of the world that is right before us.
is that your heartbeat
or the sound of the world saying love?
or are they the same.....

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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