Awakening a Keen Observer

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Full moon tonight. I don't know if we can see it here but it's out there. Fall coming in ... you can tell in the clouds..they just look a little different.
I remember the wonderful multi-colored fall leaves in Ohio in the huge trees in the southern part of the state. They were magnificent. My family and I would always go down into the Hocking Hills to see the trees. I gathered leaves on every trip. Somehow finding them as wondrous as shells. One year my dad helped me make a collection by dipping the leaves in wax. They were wonderful and the color stayed and stayed.
The Fall comes slower here in Oklahoma. The shifts we felt in Ohio and then in Utah were much more dramatic. We even had snow one September we lived in Utah. That was a change. In Texas the fall often came it seemed with a storm, a Blue Norther' which I didn't understand until that sky turned that deep blue and the cold rushed in.
We watch the seasons, we remember the weather. Sense the changes in the world and if we are wise we sense the changes in our lives as well.
Where will you be when fall comes? Remember those past ones. Mark some part of each day with a joy. A giving away of a smile to someone. A letter to a friend on paper sent with a stamp. Something to mark that time has passed and you are still here to enjoy the fall.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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