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Monday, October 04, 2004

New things

God is always doing a new thing. It is a different minute now than...just then. We are different people and the world has changed, babies born, some pass on, and we all are in that part of our life's formation between.
We don't know where we are in that cycle. We have to be here now and be here in the world that needs us. We are here for a purpose all of us. Somehow we have to work to continually figure out what that is... Just now...and now.
Because sometimes that purpose changes. We may 'do' the same work, but the purpose of that changes. We are to be ready and even more willing when the call comes.
And so back to that listening thing I seem to ramble about so often. I do that because it seems that the chaos of the world must mean that some people aren't listening. Not to the call for peace, not for the call to bring us back to the Garden.

I read an ironic headline...the Dahli Lama, (a man of profound peace) The Dahli Lama blasts China for nuclear weapon testing.
He never never would blast anyone... He might admonish someone or call them to task or reckoning. But he wouldn't blast someone.
So maybe what we need to listen for are ways that our language promote chaos instead of peace...and work hard to make it more peaceful where our words become ideas.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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