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Thursday, October 07, 2004


We all want to have a sense that we can say, my life, what I do, has some purpose. Am I right about that? Now that doesn't mean it has to have some grand showy purpose. But there is a yearning for quality of life, a life well lived. Am I right about this?
There are times when we are young we look to others to tell us what we will do ... When I was four I was on a local TV program and they asked all the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. The girls said nurses the boys said doctors, wait wait it was 1952. I said I want to be a zoologist. My dad and his buddies, (he was a zoologist) were watching this at home and he said they all whooped! The interviewer took the microphone away...
I studied zoology, biology, ornithology, and really loved what I learned. Because there was such an incredible beauty and order to what was in the live animals we observed and studied. It made sense with the faith life I had acquired in the church I grew up in. God was in control, whew! that's taken care of... Telling others about this mystery and wonder brought renewed meaning to its study.

So, back to the topic of meaning, we do want some way to say at the end of the day, that was worth it. Somewhere along the line I shared God's grace with someone else. Somewhere along the line I got the chance to bring a little order out of chaos. Somewhere along the line in the midst of my own pride God found enough love to say, do this for me, in remembrance of me.

So as you being the day or as you end the day, remember... Do this good work in remembrance of Jesus who knows us and loves us still. That is mystery and wonder all together.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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