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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"just wait"

There was much to be done, Tuesday, and waiting to hear about a friend's possible surgery took time. Waiting and praying to find out when she was going into the will be Wednesday.
Waiting is something we 'do'. We wait. We can be doing other things while waiting...but when we attend to what is important, perhaps we should have focused on that "pause" in our lives... perhaps we should have just been waiting not doing.
Wait for the Lord, is how the 27th Psalm says. It doesn't mean don't just means before everything, wait. Wait until God catches up with your busyness and your business. Wait, until you can see God ahead of you before you rush off into things. Wait, breathe, wait.
God is always present, but we wait on God.

Or do we see that waiting 'ON' God as acting as God's own servant. As one who kneels at God's foot and is ready to hear what it is that God will teach us today. We perhaps don't even need to hear...but just be near...touch the hem of Jesus' garment...and we are healed. Just wait.

My cousin says in the most delightful voice and tells her children in a clear message, "Just wait". And they are learning more and more to do so. They will get her attention, or what they need, but sometimes they must wait. A lesson that we all should learn. Thanks Geeta

Grace be yours
God Abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Wait, be of good courage, wait on the Lord. See... there


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