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Friday, June 11, 2010


I am looking out the window to my patio and see the blooms of the mimosa tree. Our whole patio smells so sweet. I always thought mimosa flowers smell like peaches. My Grandmother had a mimosa tree and when I smelled it I knew it was summer and we were with them in Virginia. Now here in Oklahoma it still means summer. Some of the trees in other yards are just totally pink with the flowers. Ours are spaced out a little more. We also called them powder puff trees and pretended to powder our faces.

Those were also the days we would gather lightening bugs, fireflies, and put them in a jar, with holes in the lid and have them in our room for a while. My dad would come in and get them and let them go and then put the jar back in the room and we always thought they'd escaped. He knew they wouldn't do well that long in a jar.

Summertime brings memories back about camp, swimming pool and diving boards, family, picnic, hikes, thunderstorms, playing canasta, jumping rope, waxing the slide at school with wax paper and then flying down the slide, mosquito bites, bee stings, you know like life... some things good some things a little painful...but all of it together is Summertime.

WHAT do you think of in the Summer? What memories pop out when you think of summer?
Let the best of those memories make you smile. Enjoy

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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