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Friday, May 07, 2010


So Yesterday I get in the mail a new book in a series of Bible Commentaries on the New Testament Book Titus and 1+2 Timothy. I sat in the comfy chair in my office and began to read. It is so beautifully written. It gives wonderful background on the texts. So I get to the 'troubling' part of Titus where it talks of submission and it is dealing with it well. Where it says. These women are 'to be reverent in behavior.' I read wondering where it would go. It gives some detailed information about Greek here. "The compound hieroprepies (lit., fitting for a sacred place or purpose)was used by classical authors to describe priests and priestesses, sacred possessions, and translated 'holy and venerable."

Now here comes the part I love...

"Philo used the term to describe the Essenes, whom he understood to be living life as a kind of sacred liturgy and able to speak of the dedication of human faculties (thought, speech, and sense perception) to God, thus making them 'sanctified and holy." It is perhaps NOT going too far to suggest that Paul saw the behavior of these women as a kind of living liturgy."

Living Liturgy Don't you love that phrase? What if all of us lived that way as one whose life shows that which one believes? That if all of our living was linked to the One who gives us life!!!!!!

Ok? Does it strike you interesting? Or have I lost you reading this? I really want to discuss this. I find it fascinating. Is it just me? leave me a comment

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
working to "be living life as a kind of sacred liturgy"


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