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Thursday, April 29, 2010

cloud chasing

My kids made me promise 10 years ago when we moved to Oklahoma in part of Tornado alley that I wouldn't become a storm chaser. On more that one occasion the tv storm chaser rigged up cars did pass me ...going the other way from me. But I only once skirted the outside of a tornado by accident.

Today was oh so mild. The almost completely blue sky had a few random clouds blowing across today. The road which stretches out for miles ahead of me was dotted for a moment with the cloud shadows. Every once and and a while I would drive into a shadow. Some times one would come over top the car. It felt like a game of tag. Oh yes, I was paying attention to the road, and the lamas and the cows and the horses and the red-winged blackbirds and the hawks. But I was also playing attention to the clouds.

They reminded me of how sometimes everything sunny can quickly change and there is a touch of OH MY! that comes into our lives. And it reminded me of how quickly that OH MY can go away. Also if I would have stopped in one spot and not even driven into the clouds some still would have passed over me. It happens. In life the cloudiness of the world happens. And there is no hiding. We just go thru and we are ok.

So friends. When clouds come, remember the blue sky remains above and the blue sky will appear again.

sing along..."blue skies smiling at me- nothing but blue skies do I see!"


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