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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Field of Texas bluebonnets © bombay2austin on Flickr -
noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works

We moved to Texas in 1983 in December. We were surprised that the honeysuckle outside our house was blooming. We were very surprised when the Bluebonnets bloomed. Wow what a sight. We were warned not to pick them as you could be fined.

The kids were in Pre-school and when my folks came to visit we went out to see the flowers and take some photos. (as everyone does) In my photo cache at home I have a photo just like the one above.

So we were driving south of Bryan and found a pretty hillside with both Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush and a great old fence and the blue sky. So I had the kids run part way up the hill to pose for a photo. I had told them that these were flowers to look at not to pick so that others could see them. They are standing there and a sheriff pulls up behind me. I pointed to my camera, the kids, and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. All the while I am thinking...don't pick the flowers...don't pick the flowers... they didn't.

As I thought later of that admonition about the flowers, so others can see them, I realized that this was something that we do in our faith life. Something we could do perhaps even better than we do just now.

When I recall the bumper stickers of some years ago, "I've found it" it always seemed like it was "I've found it and you can't have it." The love of God we have received in Jesus might better be put..."I've found it let me share it with you." That overflowing overwhelming amazing love of God that we have to share.

"Go tell the others" Jesus to Mary and to you and me

God abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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