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Thursday, April 08, 2010

After Easter

Wow these last few weeks have flown by. Somehow it was snow and now it's in the 80's here. But not only that Easter has passed. It was a good Easter Season, a fulfilling Holy Week, and now we are IN Eastertide.

That in-between Easter and Pentacost. For the Christian Church this part of the calendar is most exciting. True, the Lilies aren't what they were a week ago. But then, friends, neither are we. If Celebrating Easter didn't move you to know that all things are have missed something.

Years ago we had a 4th grade Sunday school class draw a picture of the Easter story. I won't share all the detail but there was a cross, Jesus on the cross, a spear in his side, and a large large Easter Bunny with a basket over the top of the cross. The bunny had a balloon caption that said... SORRY! We pretty quickly realized how this child had put together all he knew of Easter and there was surely some confusion.
No the Bunny didn't kill Jesus. Legend has it that the bunny is a symbol of spring and also because the bunny was the fastest to run around the world to share the news that Jesus had Risen. (Jesus has risen indeed!).

Let's always take care when we tell the stories not to conflate them into one messy image. Here's the message I got...Jesus is not in the tomb he abides with us. And that my friends is really really Good News!

God abide

Enjoy the Spring

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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