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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Animals Observed

Good Thursday Morning.
The highway between Duncan and Lawton is being 'fixed' and the construction makes what was a very relaxing drive a little more exciting/ So today I drove the back way.
The time difference is nil as the construction slows all the traffic down on the main road. Yesterday a string of cars, me the third, proceeding thru the 55 mph construction area almost came to harm when the first car spotted the police car parked on the side and slammed on it's brakes, even though it was already going at or under the limit. I saw him as did the car between us and we slowed WAY down and the series of cars behind us all were able to do the same so we didn't have a real mess.

Ok, back to the animals. Today I spotted, cows, goats, lamas, hawks, great blue heron, mallards, dog, coyote, fairly freshly killed skunk, wild turkeys, turkey vulture, some kind of ducks, and a flock of starlings.

I am sure I missed something. The road is 'farm size' 1 and 1/2 lanes. Most of the 30 miles is paved but not all of it. There are two bridges with signs saying one lane narrow bridges. One of them comes on a curve which makes it really tricky, no rails just the edges falling into the creek. The second one has boards laid into the structure and if you go off them you'd be in trouble.

But it is beautiful. The trees overhang the road in several places. The farmers all wave, (that would be your fingers raised off the steering wheel), and I think
if you got in trouble someone would help. Of course they would have to find you first. I passed 5 cars the whole way. There are a lot of pretty houses along the way. Some houses are new and some abandoned.

Where is this musing leading? I remembered when I was learning to drive and my dad and I were in Northern Ohio on the farm roads. I'd been going along for a while and the sign said, "One Lane Bridge". I hit panic and started to stop and let him drive across the bridge. "Oh Bobbie," he said before I could speak "you've been driving on a One Lane road for the last 20 miles." He started to laugh.

We need now and then to stretch our spiritual route a bit and get off the common way and see what is on the side road. That is to say we need to wake up and be alert and attentive to all that is around us. To be present to this time and this moment. To let yourself smile when you see a field of young calves, or a herd of goats, or a coyote dashing across the road. To find the joy in the fresher air and the keen alertness that comes from a new path. You end up the same place and you are refreshed.

Take care and make this day unique for it is this Day you have! Send me a note of how it went for you. You can leave a comment anytime.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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