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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Grace and peace

Facebook has a link to a game called Bejeweled Blitz. Here's my reasoning why I and several friends like to play this game. Read this with a sense of play...

The idea of Bejeweled is to line up gem colored symbols in threes, (fours and five if you are lucky) and score points the faster you do this.

1. Each turn lasts just 1 minute. You can play one or two times in-between something, or while waiting, or when you just need a break. Good things can come fast and leave fast..Be here now.

2. The idea that lining things that are alike in a row and getting rewarded for that is a lot like my life. I like things lined up. Though my thought process is usually more spiral than linear this is good.

3. If you work hard there are bonus' (boosts) you can use to make your task easier. I think that would be great in life to have those! Can't you see at the end of the day.. You were a very good loving person get these boosts, (super powers) for tomorrow.

4. I usually score big points when I don't try too hard. Sometimes the best things in life come when you are waiting...or in-between...or when you are not looking.

5. There are times when on the board you can find nothing that matches up. Yes, again like life. You expect to be able to do certain tasks, but darn the luck not every day do things 'line' up like you want. Wait, there's another chance coming. Don't panic.

6. It is fun to play with friends online. They may be in OK or KY or TX or UT or... and still you can play together. People from many stages of your life make you a richer fuller person.

7. Every Tuesday the scores from the week are erased and you have an opportunity to start over with a chance to do better this time. Like your 'sins' are forgiven now go live in peace.

8. One tiny right move can often have cascading effects on the board and your score.

9. A mysterious voice says Awesome when you do well. Spectacular also comes in somewhere! You may not be doing awesome or spectacular but you still get encouragement, everyone appreciates encouragement.

10 If you spend too much time planning your next move for bigger points -time runs out and you've not done so well with the game. There are times when flexibility and spontaneity and serendipity win the day in our lives or in a game. "I wonder what will happen today?" Pema Chodron

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God abide.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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