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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Grace and peace.
I arrived in AZ and then drove up to Flagstaff the next day. What a contrast of seasons. Here it was warmer there maybe 3' of snow... I kept saying to my nieces and nephew wow look at the snow! They were patient with me.
I hadn't seen snow like that since we lived in Utah. It was really pretty. They had icesicles that were at least 6' long hanging from some of the eves of their house.
But the change came really in the the car from Phoenix at 1100' above sea level to Flagstaff at almost 6800' . It was fully winter...and oh so beautiful. One part I passed had the diamond shining shows and then the drifting and the beautiful way the snow hugs the trees leaving a little room around them. It was such fun to see it again. My goodness such a different winter than we have in Oklahoma or Phoenix.
The snow always looks so fresh and so full of promise. Tulips in the snow, all kinds of memories go around the snow. We had a large living room window in Utah and had a great view of the snow that would fall in beautiful huge feather flakes.

Can we find beauty wherever we are? I think we can... Go hunting...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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