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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Grace and Mercy
Sometimes when I have a prayer to raise to God I might begin by saying...In the great scheme of things this may not seem important, but it is to me, and then I pray. It is all a matter of perspective what is important or what gets priority.

When a loved one is ill one's perspective changes too. Memories become precious. Conversations and experienced together become precious. Time, even time when apart, becomes precious. Just knowing they are still 'here'.
One of my dear sisters-in-law is not well right now. She is a person to be treasured and her path ahead is unclear. Her present unwellness puts things into perspective.
What me, get upset about something trivial? What me, imagine that a decision about what cereal to buy is important? What me, worry about a tiny ache in my toe when real discomfort is felt by so many all the time. All of the concerns of others put my 'little' troubles into perspective.

The preciousness of those we love is lifted to new heights in times of crisis. The petty actions of others can drop us to new lows because in the great scheme of things, small things don't matter but take so much energy better spent on essential need. Plans for days ahead all hinge on what we hear from family nearby.

These things are important: Loving one another, being faithful to our promises and to our Savior, reaching out to others, feeding the hungry (in body or Spirit), being grateful for all we have already received, being thankful for each breath we take..." these are a few of the most wonderful things"

Do you have some important things to add?
What is most compeletly important to you. In perspective with the needs of others, where do your own needs or concerns stand? Perspective tells us what is most important and our being sensitive to the world around us can bring us direction.

I'm distracted. Holding Courage and Faithfulness for 'our' Analea.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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