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Friday, November 30, 2007

All I want

I read an article in Presbyterians Today... All I want for Christmas. They were touching and good reminders of deeper gift needs than the plethora of catalogs that come daily to my house. (I thought I signed up not to get those anymore?)
I think you can access Presbyterians Today online.

Yesterday I saw a young mother with her little one in a store. I looked over at the babe, and said, "Well all you need is a bow and you've got the best present ever!" She smiled, teared up and said, "I know". I wanted to hug her but settled for a smile in return.
In the Presbyterian's Today article Ann Weems, who is a well know writer, started her paragraph, all I want is a miracle.

Miracle Yes I can think of a few of us who have those in mind. Miracles that change things that we cannot change. Perhaps a miracle is in our seeing how little change can come through us.

What do you want for Christmas? Right now, this moment, I'd like to sit in front of my Aunt and Uncles' fireplace and take a picture with my cousin, like we always did at Christmas, and have the whole family around. That won't happen for many many reasons.
But I can put that memory in my heart and know that it is there, and the love that was shared has sustained me all these years, and that has to be ok.

What do you want for Christmas? A reunion with a loved one? Peace to break out all over the world? Peace in your little corner of the world? A loved one to be well and healthy again? Purpose for your life? Children blessed with their deepest desires?
Think on what you would say, right now. Leave a comment below and let me know what you wish, thanks.

God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!


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