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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hope and Suffering

Some time ago I met a professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary named Ellen Babinsky. Ellen is a person of experience and wisdom and a great sense of humor. Two years ago she wrote the key article in the Austin Seminary Journal Insights. I have put a link to it on the end of this note.

Hope and Suffering are for believers interwoven in a truly miraculous way. This weaving is one that keeps us from either falling in a pit or floating away like a helium balloon.

One of the quotes from Ellen's well thought out article is:
I desire a "firm heart that could turn to God", to pray for the strength to trust that somehow the adversity will be turned to good, and that I might be given the spiritual sight to recognize the gift and praise God."

One of my dear sisters-in-law is quite ill. The family has gathered as we can, a few at a time. Her mother and sister, both physicians, attend with hospice to her physical and emotional needs. We, at a distance pray constantly we can attend to their spiritual needs and energy with our prayer and through God's mercy.

We all seek a firm turn to God.

Thanks for your prayers for us...
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
sorry I can't get the html link to work... but if you'll copy and paste in your address line it will take you to the full journal. Ellen's article starts on page 4">

ON a different note here's a poem I wrote the other day.
> learned quickly
> how to come in his door
> without a key
> we want to walk through doors the same way
> no lock
> just pushing it open
> and walking through
> but humankind has want of a lock
> to keep out and in
> how strange
> open wide the door
> to house and heart
> come in friend-come in

(my cousin once made up a name --she wanted to be Key Lockwood. I thought it
> was the best name ever!)


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