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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What is is all about anyway?

Late this afternoon on the way home I stopped at the Craft Store in Lawton. They had 1/2 off a lot of Christmas items. I bought a few. I listened to the carols that were playing and saw the people looking at everything and bought a big Star. I think I needed that star to shine some light right now. It just gets dark sooo early.
Then I went to a Hallmark store for a Birthday card for my Mom and found one that was good. As I was checking out a woman came to buy a scented candle. The clerk said, if you buy two it's a better deal. She said, I only need one, my husband is in Iraq and he asked to have one of these sent. Before I could say anything the woman standing behind me said. Please, Miss let me pay for that for your husband. I insist.
Had she not spoken up as quickly as she did I think everyone in that store would have volunteered to pay for that Candle.
"Its the most wonderful time of the year.'" Song heard while shopping..

I have told folks to be Gentle with themselves when they've experienced a loss. I think I've recently written about that. Read 11/19/07
But it's true. We have expectations of things we can do, but we cannot do everything we might like. Things don't get done, others expectations don't get met. We are all disappointed.
But when you are sad, disappointments, and feelings of being let down by trusted folks, or even strangers, come to the surface quickly. We make rash decisions and sometimes rash responses. It is as if we have tripped and landed face down in on the ground. Kinda like being tackled by an unseen force. Wham, there you are. And sometimes it's hard to get up.

'Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.... I'll be home for Christmas..." Two other songs heard while shopping..

A friends father died on Christmas last year. This will be his first Christmas since his loss. I understand how he feels. Yes-- really I do. My Mother died on Christmas Eve. There is no changing that and even thought it's been some years we really really miss her this time of year.

Be gentle, and kind, and well, isn't that what God's love in Jesus is all about anyway? I think so.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Gentle Mary laid her child, lowly in a manger.... sing along


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