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Friday, November 23, 2007

capiz Moon

Have you ever seen a capiz shell? It is like someone took a thin thin slice of a pearl.
Well, tonight as we traveled East a huge capiz shell moon came up over the highway. It was amazing. We are traveling home to OK after our time in Arizona with the family.
We also saw a sign about that time that there were winter conditions ahead and to proceed carefully. We decided that when the Moon could no longer be seen we would take that as a sign to stop. We also had looked at the weather maps and know that the snow is now between us and home but we didn't want to drive in snow at night.
We stopped.

We did see snow on the higher mountains and imagine tomorrow we'll see even more. Then it will no doubt turn to rain before we get too far into Texas.

The wonders of this world are many. How can the moon look so much like an ocean shell? How can the clouds sometimes look just like the sea? How can it be 80 in one place and 9 hours later it's 35? how can... well you get my train of though.

We live in an awesome time in an awesome place, no matter where Your place may be.
Enjoy the creation...and thank the Creator. God still likes to be appreciated.

God abides
and I am most heart felt grateful for that presence.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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