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Saturday, September 01, 2007


Again... It is my daughter Molly's birthday today. She is a daughter my son brought to us when they got married. We are so blessed. We have gotten to know one another really really well in these years. Oh I do adore her. Wow Two daughters.
This spring when we three were in India there was more laughter and enjoyment between us than can be explained. Even in some of the most unique situations. These days sharing so much with two grown daughters isn't often the case. We had an amazing time.
I have a hundred memories - being together at the Taj Mahal, driving home to Dhenari, her ongoing monologue home, swimming in a mountain stream, so so many. Something as simple as the electricity stopping brought new meaning to togetherness.
When we were heading for New Delhi, the day before we flew home, we were trying in our limited Hindi to tell the driver our names. I said mine and then said --and Molly, --and Betsy. The driver said Pepsi?!! No, Betsy, we all laughed and laughed. Ok maybe you had to be there.
There was tons of simple delights like that. Also some serious talks about the children in the Homes and what and how we could be of help to them. Prayer time together. We found delight in the love we received from others and we found delight in clowning on the plane. And we found delight in eating fresh mangos. We found delight in being with the young people in the Children's Home.
I look at Molly's birthday as a gift for me and John... Two daughters...
sigh of complete happiness.
God is so good to me.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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