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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cup of Water

As I understand the United Nations has declared Thursday world water day. To focus on the plight of all those who do not have access to drinkable water. According to one article I read One Child Every Seven 7 minutes dies from dehydration and poor santation. According to this article....
More sustainable community-led solutions not only saves lives, but allows women who generally are responsible for collecting and using water to be more involved in decision-making about water and sanitation and young girls can attend school instead of spending hours everyday fetching water."

Are you suddenly thirsty thinking of this. If you would think just now where is the closest Natural water source to you. Not the lake made for the highway or houses. Not the swimming pool in the neighbor's yard. Where is the nearest river or creek or stream? How long would it take you...yes you... to take a 2 gallon water jug and walk there to get enough water for morning cooking? How far would you be required to walk.
What kind of things can we do as people related by the water of the earth do to help one another have access to clean water? Tube wells are dug by the missionaries and gifted to the rural villages. Presbyterian Men and Women's groups have helped to put these wells in place both with donation and labor. They ask the women in the village where the well should be built.
So, pour yourself a glass of water. Put it in front of you and pray about your thanksgiving for having this resource right there for you when you want/need it. Remember this water situation when you take your next shower or bath and be thankful that to have this luxury you didn't have to haul it yourself.
blessed we are and blessings we can be...blessings we shall be.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Happy Spring Equinox


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