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Friday, March 16, 2007

Olivia Rose

Bittersweet and Beautiful
The daughter of a friend had a beautiful baby girl. Olivia Rose was her name. She lived only a few months but the love she brought into the world was tremendous. This child, who by accident of nature, was beautiful but with her brain was damaged in birth. She never opened her eyes or laughed or smiled. She was not in pain. But her 'being' her soul brought out of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people love. They sent their love in prayers to her and to her parents. They hoped and hoped for the miracle they knew would not look like the one they called for. People who didn't even know they had it in the to love so deeply were touched by her. This Angel .

We...we...recognized in the tears of strangers to her and to her mother that she had brought from the heavens an ability to met even the hardest heart. What a miracle baby she was.
Her parents, adoring, knowing, her grandparents the same, held her and talked to her. Her father was given time off to stay with her...given time... and they were there when she died.
We cried.
We cried or her and for her family. Even now, years later she touches my heart.

Our daughter, who was in high school at the time stayed with me that day. Remember take your Daughter to work? Well this day I went to Olivia's Funeral. My daughter came along. The church was packed. These people who came all came to be with the parents and family. Her Physician spoke about the journey they'd all been on...The heartbreak and the hope all in one. Bittersweet.
Her Grandparents, surprised to see us ran up and thanked us for coming. We were the only two from their home town who had come for the funeral about 80 miles away. Of course we were there. We were there to help them tuck her in and hold her memory with them.
A beautiful picture of a perfect looking child was on the table by the tiny casket.
Now, now... don't you be sad.

Remember Olivia Rose in this way. her life Evoked, drew out, a full measure of love, more than many people do in a long lifetime.

So, it's your turn now. Yes YOU. Pull out into the world your measure of love and share it with someone new. Let them know that you care and that it is important they keep in touch. Your turn to bring hope and hope and hope and hope into the world. Savanah did this in a few months... Surely you can as well. Work on it.. It will satisfy you beyond measure.
Let's start. God love you...

God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
*** Earlier I had her name as Savanah Rose. But that was a baby girl born about 6 months after Olivia. Savanah's parents, members of the church, heard us talking about this sweet baby and praying for her and said they wanted their daughter to have the name Rose. I told Olivia's Grandmother and her Mom and they were both touched. As was I


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