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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Full Moon Again

Not long ago on the night of the most recent full moon I slept in the early spring coolness with the window near the bed open. The protection of the covers of my bed were comfort.
Outside the window in the mid of the night the coyotes started their calling to each other. It was loud and it made me want to go and find them though I know that impossible I could hear their wail and echo. One to another and then in choras the air was filled for a wonderful long time. Then stopped.
Not long after the small owl that perches in the ceders near the house began to call. This sound muted and regular. Again I listened and imagined it's waiting for a call in return. Only one heard.
Later the neighborhood cat came by calling it seems to our cat inside. It sounds mornful and longing. We have not fed it. But it is our other cat.

Sounds of time passing--moon moving--life living.
l i s t e n...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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