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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What? Me Worry?

A fictional character, Alfred E. Newman, was known for this exclamation. It seems like it applies to a lot of things in this world even now.
What amazed me was to read that the mudflow that we'd seen on East Java this July was still pumping out 120,000 cubic meters of hot, smelly mud...EVERY DAY. And they don't know how to stop it. They have tried everything they know so far but have been unsuccessful. It is scary for them as villages are losing the battles here and there with the mud. They have built ways to keep it back but natural rains etc have caused it to bubble over the dikes. Mud... hot mud.

There have been so many relocated and without jobs because factories where the folks worked are also be-mudded. What in the world do you do to cope with such disaster?

There are good folks working with them trying to get them to safety. It is a struggle on all fronts. The company who opened this hole is trying to make amends with a soap Opera that tells the real life story of a mud-refugee. My goodness how can that make sense?

But we often feel like these people have a life that is simple and the mud didn't take so many things. However, the things they did take no doubt were important to them.

Friends, what can you do to help someone who is stuck in the mud? Pray for the agencies trying to support them, pray for the churches in the area, pray for the church leaders. Pray for an open heart and open mind.

Thanks be to God!

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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